Breakdance workshops in Namboole & Kawempe suburbs.

Kaweesi held free breakdance workshops followed by Q&A sessions for the young people of Easthood dance project in Namboole and Kawempe suburbs of Kampala. In the workshops, he taught breakdance techniques & concepts focusing on innovation and creativity. He spoke about how breakdance can be used for growth and creating employment opportunities. Instagram: @kaweesimark  Twitter:[…]

10th annual hiphop for society event Review.

Hiphop For Society 2017 The end of yet another successful event organized by Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU). The 10th annual hiphop for society event was a combination of entertainment and Education featuring dance, rap and beat-boxing performances, breakdance battles, workshops, educational discussions on the theme and talks by partnering NGOs. Bboy Beni Benzi (a dentist[…]