Inside my travel to Los Angeles, California – USA

Kaweesi spoke at the screenings of SHAKE THE DUST film, giving an insight on how breakdance & hiphop is being used as a positive tool to unite, empower, inspire, build, strength young people in Ugandan communities. He also held workshops and facilitated various activities. He was hosted by  University of California Irvine, Chapman University and[…]

Breaking workshop in Kawempe, Kampala suburb.

Kaweesi led a free breaking workshop for young people in Kawempe, Kampala suburb. The workshop was for targeted intermediate and advanced breakers with in Kawempe and the near by areas, and it focused on creativity and flow while dancing. FOLLOW:  Facebook: KaweesiMark    |  Instagram: KaweesiMark   |  Twitter: KaweesiMark Photos by Lubega photography WATCH VIDEO HERE

Workshop in Mutungo Bbina, Kampala Suburb.

Kaweesi collaborated with Bgirl Ines Armbruster from German to teach free Breaking workshop (with focus on creativity) for young people of Gotfaith Hiphop Foundation youth initiative in Mutungo Bbina, Kampala suburb. The workshop focused on equipping semi advanced and advanced breakers with methods of creating their own moves, techniques to share in their regular sessions and[…]

Breakdance classes at De Esdoorn school in Elst, Netherlands.

Kaweesi taught beginners breakdance classes to 270 children aged between 4 and 12yrs at De Esdoorn school in Elst, Netherlands. Mentions on the school’s facebook page

Luwero Youth Learning Day review.

Kaweesi together with Imagination Circle and young people of Jupter Dance project in Luwero organized LUWERO YOUTH LEARNING DAY “Providing young people with knowledge and skills”event. This open day of youth friendly and engaging activities aimed at inspiring and connecting plus increasing access to learning opportunities for young people with in Luwero district and the[…]