Creative Facilitator

The central purpose of my creative facilitation sessions is to develop strengths & talents, create opportunities and to assist people to live effective and meaningful lives.

We all have an inborn desire to lead lives of contribution, creativity and being good with others. If this desire is not discovered, grown and exercised intentionally, we risk pointing at mistakes after and living lives of regret.

I facilitate transformation processes which focus on whole personal & organizational development, team bonding, culture building, interpersonal leadership, perceptions, building good & strengthening relationships, principles & practices, effective communication and living, receiving & giving supportive feedback and many other tailor-made transformation experiences.

These I believe are very important strengths we each need for ourselves, for our colleagues, in our families, in our organizations, in our communities.

I work anywhere and everywhere; schools, community centres, orphanages, prisons, drug rehabilitation centres, children’s homes, seminars, events, companies, ghettos/slums, and other organizations.

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