Programs Organiser

I am moved so much by the power of relevant and practical means of learning and also the power of culture.

I missed out alot on attaining a stable and good education during my years as a child because I was not able to pay schools fees. I did decide to learn as much through living, as much as life could teach me informally for many years.
I learned many valueable lessons which includ; serving, working hard, being good, creating & innovating, building & strengthening relationships, sharing, communicating, organizing things, interacting & networking among other very useful life lessons.

I have used such skills and experiences to organize exchanges, events & festivals and other development centred programs.

I can;
 – be consulted on effective creative youth development programs,
 – develop artistic and creative activities concepts,
 – organize and manage projects,
 – speak

I founded Imagination Circle Ltd , a education organisation that assists children and teenagers to find, grow and learn to use their strengths and talents wells.

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