Recap: Workshops at Kati Kamu, Luwero district

Free breakdance workshops at Kati Kamu, Luwero district.

With the main objectives of bringing young people of various backgrounds in one space to facilitate the sharing of artistic skills and knowledge, plus exposing youth in village areas to hiphop culture and it’s positive values.

Members of Breakdance Project Uganda(BPU); Kaweesi Mark, Kasozi Joseph Julius and Lubega Peter carried out an outreach in form of teaching free Breakdance workshops (focusing on warm ups & stretching, fundamentals, musicality, techniques and dynamics) followed with an open discussion and Q&A session about youth life in rural areas and how they can use breakdance/hiphop to connect, develop themselves and their communities.

These activities took place on Saturday 25th February at Kati Kamu community centre. Over 27 boys and girls (beginners and intermediate breakdancers) aged between eleven and twenty six years of age from Jupter Dance Project (Wobulenzi based youth initiative) and areas such as Bombo, Kikuma, Kasana, Kati Kamu among other parts of Luwero district participated in the activities.

Here are some of the compliments from the participants;

  1. Mweru Damascus (23yrs old): I learnt new toprock & footwork techniques. This has also brought new members to our project (Jupter dance project) and has connected us to other aspiring and passionate breakdancers around Luwero.
  2. Khatwin (13yrs old): As a girl, I realized that I have so much potential to be a good breakdancer. I learnt new footwork moves.
  3. Senabulya Sula (11yrs old): I learnt a knee drop.
  4. Elias (24yrs old): It was my first time to breakdance! I learnt a number of moves and enjoyed the music. I am also moved to see the trainers coming from so far to share with us for free.

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