Breakdance classes at De Esdoorn school in Elst, Netherlands.

Kaweesi taught beginners breakdance classes to 270 children aged between 4 and 12yrs at De Esdoorn school in Elst, Netherlands. Mentions on the school’s facebook page

Luwero Youth Learning Day review.

Kaweesi together with Imagination Circle and young people of Jupter Dance project in Luwero organized LUWERO YOUTH LEARNING DAY “Providing young people with knowledge and skills”event. This open day of youth friendly and engaging activities aimed at inspiring and connecting plus increasing access to learning opportunities for young people with in Luwero district and the[…]

Outreach in Mityana – May

Kaweesi led a free breakdance workshop followed by a Q&A session for young people in Mityana district at Mityana family market. The class consisted of warming up & stretching, breakdance basic techniques & concepts, Q&A session. Attendees were young people between ages 15 & 24 from Wabigalo, Busimbi, Kigogwa, Buswabulongo, Mirigo, Kitinkokola and Kibati villages[…]

Breakdance workshops in Namboole & Kawempe suburbs.

Kaweesi held free breakdance workshops followed by Q&A sessions for the young people of Easthood dance project in Namboole and Kawempe suburbs of Kampala. In the workshops, he taught breakdance techniques & concepts focusing on innovation and creativity. He spoke about how breakdance can be used for growth and creating employment opportunities. Instagram: @kaweesimark  Twitter:[…]