Review: Workshop in Mutuungo Bbina.

Kaweesi led all levels breakdance workshop and spoke about youth life & hiphop culture in Mutuungo Bbina suburb. Attendees included youth of Gotfaith hiphop foundation

Review: Break-Fast Jam 2016 finals.

Kaweesi judged breakdance battles and organized with FreshLane. Check more here Break-Fast Jam Kindly follow. ¬†Twitter: @Kaweesimark | Instagram: @Kaweesimark | Facebook: KaweesiMark  

Review: Youth activities in Mbale

Kaweesi & Drichiru Key held workshops and various youth participatory activities in Mbale district (Eastern Uganda). The activities consisted of seminars (dance techniques, concepts, dynamics,

BTD Street Cypher review.

Kaweesi taught & judged breakdance battles and spoke about using hip-hop as a tool for social change focusing on youth empowerment and channeling their energy

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